General Paper for all courses (Paper 1): Teaching Aptitude

Paper  1 – General for all courses

  Teaching Aptitude

Cognitive Levels of Learning – 1) Knowledge 2) Comprehension 3) Application 4) Analysis 5) Synthesis 6) Evaluation
MOOC- Massive Open Online Course
Important quality of teacher is Sympathetic, Disciplinarian and Patience, Good Communication skills
A good teacher is one who inspire students to learn, disciplined and punctual
Classroom communication of teachers rests on the principle of Edutainment
Teachers role at higher education is provide information to students
Teacher should empathies with student
Micro teaching is effective practice
Demonstration is best method of teaching
Classroom discussion is normally considered as affective
Black-board can be utilised by teacher for writing important and notable points
Formative Evaluation is true evaluation method
Students who keep asking question in the class- should encourage to find answer  independently


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