General Paper 1: Environment


CO2 emissions – China –USA-India-Russia
Kyoto Protocol is related to climate change
Cop21 Paris – Conference on climate change
India’s contribution to global carbon dioxide emissions - 6%
Sequence of energy sources in order of their share in the power sector in India: Thermal > Hydro > Nuclear > Wind
Solar Energy source has the maximum potential in India
Surface Ozone is produced from Transport Sector
Ecological Foot Prints – area of productive land and water to meet the resources requirement
Renewable Energy Sources – Solar, air, wind, water, tides, flowing soil, plants
Non Renewable Energy Sources
Fossil fuel - coal, oil, oil Shale, tar sands, natural gas, and peat. 
Metallic minerals- Iran, copper, Aluminum
Non Metallic minerals- Salt, Phosphates
Smog in cities consist of oxides of nitrogen & unburnt hydrocarbons
Share of renewable energy sources in the power production of India - 10-12%
Human ear is sensitive to noise of – 100-500 Hz
By: Manish

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