General Paper 1: Communication

Process of Communication – Communicator, Message, Medium, Receiver, Effect
Formal communication flows in Three Directions
Broadcasting system for TV - PAL
Intrapersonal Communication: Communication with oneself
Interpersonal Communication: Communication between people
Transpersonal Communication: With Spirit and Ancestors
Group Communication: Ex. Teacher with student in classroom
Active Audience – uses media for their own ends
Bengal Gazette was the first news paper of India by James Hicky
Organisation Communication equate with Group Communication
PTI – Press Trust of India
Prasar Bharti started in Nov 1997 located in Delhi is also known as Broad Casting Corporation of India
First Multi-lingual news agency of India – Hindusthan Samachar
All India Radio – 1936
Children Film Society –1955
Office of registrar newspaper - 1956
NWICO – New world Information & communication order Dordarshan –1959  
By: Manish 

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